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The future of orthodontics: The Align Symposium on the Digital Practice

OptiSmile team members joined 300 of the most experienced and engaged Invisalign orthodontists in the world to learn, share, and discuss digital orthodontics. The symposium showcased how dentists are using the Align Digital Platform to address current practice opportunities and treatment challenges and showcase new products and software that will reimagine digital treatment planning for the future.

OptiSmile had the privilege of meeting with some of the top Invisalign providers from all over the world, such as the Align Technology team. There was a fantastic array of speakers from across the industry who delivered insightful talks throughout the symposium. Notably, Align Technology CEO Joe Hogan, who delivered a speech on the power of digital transformation in the hands of Invisalign-trained dentists. Other topics covered included converting more patients with multidisciplinary treatment plans, Smile Architect™ in practice, the future of dentistry, and more.

One of the key takeaways from the symposium was the vision for the future of dentistry, particularly in the field of orthodontics. Invisalign, which is owned by Align Technology, is at the forefront of this change, and it’s exciting to see the advancements being made in technology and treatment techniques. From new materials to more patient-centric care, there is much to look forward to in the field of orthodontics.

– Dr Clifford Yudelman, founder and principal dentist at OptiSmile.Digital transformation of orthodontic practices worldwide has accelerated since the last symposium. Below are some new exciting technologies discussed at the event:

Invisalign Smile Architect™

This is the future of ortho restorative care. Smile Architect is a revolutionary software that offers a facially driven treatment approach to transform invasive procedures into digital treatments. It combines orthodontic and restorative planning in a single platform, providing predictable outcomes and enabling doctors to integrate clear aligner therapy into their comprehensive treatment plans. With Invisalign Smile Architect™, doctors can share their vision with patients and use digital tools to achieve the best quality clinical outcomes. Some of the new software’s features include:

  • Combined ortho restorative planning on a single platform
  • Restorative-specific 3D modifications
  • Enhanced ortho and restorative multi-layer visualisation
  • Real-time treatment planning
  • Tooth mass analysis and more

Using these new enhanced visualisations, you can simplify complex, multi-step treatment plans, inspire treatment acceptance, and achieve your desired smile design targets.

New AI features to aid diagnosis

The OptiSmile team were excited to preview new features that are expected to enhance the Align Digital Platform, improve clinical outcomes, elevate the patient experience, and drive practice growth. Below are some of the newest updates and additions:

1. Align™ X-ray Insights

This is a new addition to the ADP, which utilises state-of-the-art AI algorithms to scan for apical lesions and periodontal bone loss detection. This new feature enables doctors to identify and visualise conditions chairside on a tablet or iTero scanner, leading to better patient communication and increased case acceptance.

2. The Align Oral Health Assessment Suite

This new suite integrates multiple oral health assessment applications into a clinically driven and patient-friendly workflow, building patient-doctor trust and improving treatment acceptance.

Overall, the symposium in Vancouver was an incredible experience. The OptiSmile team feel grateful to have learned from some of the best and brightest in orthodontics and the future of dentistry is looking brighter than ever. OptiSmile looks forward to seeing what Invisalign and Align Technology will continue to bring to the table in 2023 while OptiSmile continues to advance at the forefront of digital dentistry.

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